Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall is in the Air

I caught this little guy doing something he often likes to do outside instead of taking the time to come in and do. We got our fence put up this week and I am thoroughly enjoying being able to send Easton into the backyard to play and not worry about him wandering off. It's also nice to hide the little guy when he is pulling one of these numbers. This is our family room. You can see the crown we had installed several months ago. Love it. Clint installed the mantel, purchased for $75 off of the classifieds, and did the tile work around the fireplace.
Easton and I decorated for fall. He was anxious to get the pumpkins and the leaves out. He also wanted to hide the eggs and went and got his Christmas tree and plugged it in as well. It's a season for all holidays apparently.

Karol- the picture below is for you. It is a cake stand made with a plate and a crystal candlestick from the thrift store and glued together with an epoxy. A glass cloche on top completes the cake stand. I enjoy decorating for each season with a different item under the cloche. A little ribbon tied on top and the ensemble is complete.


littlegreen said...

that cake stand set up is gorgeous, I love the idea, I might have to copy it!
also the living room is gorgeous, your house is always so beautiful!

Karol said...

beautiful! you make it sound so easy -- thanks!! I think you should start an etsy shop -- I would be a loyal customer!! :)

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

I see little boys doing that all the time at my house :) I guess it is better then coming in and getting the house dirty.

Your house looks beautiful. I love the fall decorations.

Katie Booth said...

Hi Riss,
I found your blog through Hayley's. Look how cute your family is, and your cute decorating. You and I have always been chomping at the bit to get our own homes and decorate, I love it! I hope you guys are doing good. I started a blog and might also start up a decorating one but for now ours is Maybe we will do better to keep in touch through the blogging world. It seems to be a little easier. Looks like you are loving life. Take Care, Katie