Monday, April 13, 2009

Introducing C Thomp Esquire

The beastie pregnant woman thought she would make a blog appearance to announce some very exciting news. My dear husband is now Clint R. Thompson Attorney At Law. After months and months of stress, loss of appetite, lack of sleep and arduous studies, Clint passed the bar exam!! We are so very proud of him.

Not only is Clint one smart cookie but he can lay tile like a pro. He created our beautiful tile surround and installed the fireplace mantel.
If you need cement laid- Clint can do that as well. He is currently working on our patio in the backyard.
Clint is also quite the workhorse and is teaching Easton the same work ethic.
I hope everyone had a good Easter. We sure did. There were lots of egg hunts and treats to be had. Enough to make little Easton sick from eating too much candy.

On the baby front, I am three weeks away from my due date. We've been busy getting her room ready and preparing for her birth. I will post pictures once we are done with the room. Thanks for everyone's love and concern.


Melissa said...

Congrats on it being a girl.
I can't wait to hear what her name is and see her room
Also a huge congrats on passing the bar exam.
I'm sure Dru will be doing the same stressing.

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Congrats Clint. That is so awesome.

I am excited for the baby. I can't beleive only 3 more weeks. You look so good Charisse. And Easton looks so handsome with his little suite.

Reed and Nat's Family said...

Congratulations Clint. We think you are pretty amazing as well!

mrsapplejuice said...

I'm so glad you're making a blog comeback! But I'm sorry to say I can't make it out to American Fork tomorrow. I'd love to see you, but it's my sis-in-law's birthday, so I'll be at her party tomorrow night. Have fun with the girls, though! I'd love to catch up with you some time (whenever life slows down for you after the baby comes...or if you're bored, waiting for the babe to arrive :-)

angie said... offical esquire. LOVE it. You look amazing pregnant, Charisse.

Tyler Roberts said...

Congratulations, Clint!

littlegreen said...

hey, glad to see you decided to rejoin the blogging world. welcome back. You always look so stunning pregnant! Oh, and congrats Clint, that rocks!!

Kristin said...

Congrats Clint. Easton looks darling in his suit, and you and I are about the same size. I officially hate you. Just kidding. But I am jealous. Hope the next 3 weeks fly by and everything goes well w/ the birth. Good luck!

Kim and Steve said...

congrats and hip hip hooray (from Steve)

Anonymous said...

It's party time!! We couldn't be prouder, Clint, and so excited for the baby's arrival! Everyone looks great! Grandma Connie

Shelly Lomu said...

Congrats Clint!!! Im really excited for you but secretly super jealous.I know its been a long, long road. I cant wait to see this sweet girl-Congrats and Good Luck!