Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Farewell To Blogging

This just in from Charisse:

"I'm through blogging...and you can tell everyone I'm not reading their blogs either!"

Don't worry friends. I think it's just the pregnancy talking. I'm sure when the baby girl arrives in about a month the spirit of blogging will be re-born as well.

By the way, we haven't decided on a name so we are open to suggestions (except for stupid and trendy ones).


Melissa said...

Now that's funny.
All the girls names I know are stupid and trendy, sorry.

mrsapplejuice said...

Yay yay yay for your baby on the way! I love Grace, Chloe, Anna, and Lily....but those are all a little trendy now, aren't they?

You'll pick the perfect name for your little angel.

And I hope you come back to blogging, because although I'm a total slacker on posting to my own blog, I enjoy keeping up with what's going on in the lives of friends I don't often see or talk to (and those I do, too).

By the way, I LOVE that you have Neil Diamond in your playlist. I had three records growing up (yes, back in the day of vinyl): Care bears, Paula Abdul, and Neil Diamond. Yay for Neil.

Jo said...

Sad day. Let's hope it really is just the prego brain talking. :)

angie said...

Only a month to go?

I'm really into old fashioned girl Grace and Emma, Charlotte, Addison, Katherine, etc.

Charisse said...

I really don't know what to say regarding this post other than I sound like a really sweet pregnant lady. I would like to thank my husband for his kind words.

Clint said...

Charisse, close your eyes. Just breathe out the rancor. Go to your safe place. You're at one with with nature now. Picture an ancient mystical midwive helping you through this difficult journey. Feel the flow. Work it. Count slowly to five and when your ready, open your eyes and you'll be happy and refreshed.

littlegreen said...

hehe, you guys are so funny.
Well, you may be done with blogging, but I may also still continue to obsessively check your blog, hoping you'll return, just as I have been checking it for months now. :)
As for name ideas:
How about... Alexandra, Ella May, Georgia, Carolina... okay, so I admit, those were the other names I really liked! :)
Good luck choosing! See you next Tuesday!
Oh, by the way, how is this pregnancy going?