Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Central High School Class of '98

On Saturday I had the chance to go to Grand Junction and attend my ten year high school reunion. Yeah-I know I'm old. It was so fun to see everyone and catch up on each other's lives. Here I am as a senior. Notice the awesome letterman jacket and stylish wave I had going on with my hair.
Here I am as a little freshman. I know what you are thinking- what a nerd. And it's true. I was in marching band for three years of my high school career. I finally had the courage to try-out for the dance team my senior year and made it but I always did enjoy the band. I mean look at that stylish uniform. What's not to like about that. If only this picture were a full body shot you could see how the pants were a few inches too short. I just don't think they made band uniforms for skinny long-legged girls.
This is Amy, one of my best friends from high school.


littlegreen said...

oh how fun! A few more years yet for my ten yr reunion, what a fun time to get to see everyone!

Katherine said...

I was a middle school band geek. I played the flute too! I love it. My 10 year reunion was last year and it was so much fun. But you are right...we are getting old.

angie said...

How fun! I didn't go to mine, but it would have been fun to see someone of the old faces. :) You look great by the way.

Melissa said...

Good for you man. I don't think you could've paid Dru to go to his one, and I think that's a little sad.
He says he sees the people he wants to.
No fun.
Looks like you had fun though.

Holly said...

oh my gosh, how fun! I'm still debating about my reunion, but you kinda make me want to go.
I love the pictures of you in high school, you're so cute. and the transformation is amazing! I'm only kidding, I was a band nerd too. Maybe that's one reason we love each other, we both embrace our nerd phase.

Amy said...

Hey girlie! It was so fun to see you. (And I'm glad our husbands kept each other entertained :) We'll have to play sometime. Oh and can I get that group pic from you?

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Looks like you had fun. I never went to mine and I ams o glad that I didn't. I had a snobby class, and seriously the other kids just turned out weird. I am included in the last group! That's so fun to see how you matured and grew into such a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hey, hope you are still laughing so hard that it hurts. Woksueie!
Mat Swenson

Clark Captions said...

What a great time Charisse!!! I was one of the "lost" people apparently for my 10 year reunion....never heard a word as to when or where it was. I'm glad you were able to go and get caught up on your old pals. You look great!