Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Easton Extravaganza

Over the weekend we experienced Easton Extravaganza as we celebrated out little guy's 2nd birthday. We started the weekend off by meeting my family at Seven Peaks Water Park. Easton absolutely loved it. He was not the least bit afraid to stick his head under the waterfalls on the lazy river and then squeal with delight.

The following day we had a barbeque celebration at our home. We would like to thank all of our family & friends who came to party with us. Thank you for the many wonderful gifts he received.

I took Easton for his two-year check yesterday and he is in the 36%tile for his weight at 26.9 lbs. He is in the 31%tile for his height at 33". He received his Hep A shot and didn't cry at all when the nurse gave it to him. In fact he actually laughed when she put the purple dinosaur bandage on his leg. He is such a tough little guy.
Easton is saying a lot more. He says "Where's Sheese?" (Where's Charisse?) I don't know why he calls me by my first name but whenever he is looking for me he always calls out "Sheese." He says "Popicle" (Popsicle); "Gook" (Juice); "Choc" (Chocolate) and many other things. He knows his animals and all of their sounds.
He's working on learning all of his colors and can identify orange, green and blue so far. He enjoys dancing, going on bike rides, playing in dad's tools, exploring the backyard and playing in the dirt. He is a mischief maker and manages to break or damage something on a regular basis. One day he spilt half of my 25 lb bag of sugar on the floor and then tried to mop it up with the dish towel in hopes that myself or Clint would not find it. Nice try bud.
His favorite foods include Cheetos, mandarin oranges (he can eat up to two cans daily), popsicles, raisins, pasta and corn. He loves candy, especially peach rings which his Grandpa Dyreng always spoils him with.
Now that he can climb out of his crib he feels as though he is big enough to sleep in the queen size bed in our guest bedroom so that is now where he takes his naps and sleeps at night.

Easton is a darling little boy who always is doing something to make us laugh. We love his sweet yet mischevious personality and are so grateful to have him as our son.


Jennifer said...

He is getting so big! and is such a cutie, we had a great time at the party! I can't believe he is 2 already, time sure does fly by.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great party.
I can't believe he's in a Queen bed. Good for him.
He sounds like a great little boy.

littlegreen said...

oh what a cutie! feels good to get so caught up on what he's up to, i can't believe he can talk so much, it's crazy how time flies!!

Tyler Roberts said...

I'll go out on a limb and say that if Easton is anything link Clint, then he's in the 99th percentile for wrestling potential! You should get him a singlet for his 3rd birthday!

Reed and Nat's Family said...

Sorry I missed the Eastonpalooza on Saturday, but he is a good boy and fun to tickle. He's got a great belly laugh.

EBWalker said...

Still making legendary cakes I see Charisse. Once again simple but bold.

Clark Captions said...

What a great day!!! Happy Birthday little Easton! You are sooo darling!