Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Time

I absolutely love decorating for Christmas. It's always hard to wait until after Thanksgiving to break out the Christmas decor. However, I think it's only fair that each holiday get it's time so I wait until the day after Thanksgiving to get everything put up. This year Clint and I decided to purchase a fake tree. We usually get a real one but thought it would be more economically feasible to get a fake one. Plus we bought a pre-lit tree and I love not having to put the lights on. That is always my least favorite part of the decorating process.


littlegreen said...

hey i recognise those gold trees... sorrty if thingsd are spelled funny. the boiler at the ofice isnt working, it is freezing, i am typing w/ my gloves on... :)
merry Christmas... are u coming to the party on thurtday?

EBWalker said...

I love your christmas decs. Simple but Bold.