Monday, October 25, 2010

So Much For Catching Up

Well, my attempt to update my blog clearly failed. 

Let's see, after returning from Seattle we packed up again two days later to head out on the pioneer trek with the youth of our stake.  My mom came and watched our little ones while we pushed a handcart for three days. 

 After my trek experience I am humbled and eternally grateful for the sacrifice the pioneers made.  Just those 3 days I spent in the wilderness exhausted me mentally, physically and emotionally.  Not to mention the inch thick layer of dirt I had stuck to my skin and hair.  Needless to say, I would like to cordially invite myself to never go on another trek again. 
Clint and I were Ma's and Pa's and these were our kids.  We actually trekked up into the hills behind our house.  We walked 17 grueling miles, mostly all uphill of course.  This photo was taken on our last stretch of the trail when we were the most ornery, tired and dirty we possibly could have been. 

After returning from trek, Clint left the next day for a two week stint in Alabama for work.  When he returned we celebrated Easton's 4th Birthday.

Little mate received a bike for his big day.  We celebrated with a beach party.
I made the birthday cake by cutting up pieces of cake and layering pudding, cool whip, then cake.  I then crushed vanilla wafers and graham crackers to make the sand.  The seashells are just chocolates I made with candy molds. 
For being the beginning of July it was a bit chilly- so much so that we started a fire in the fire pit.  However, it didn't stop Easton and his cousin Jane from swimming in the pool.    


Kristin said...

You DO look miserable! I don't think I ever want to go on trek.

Cute party, as usual Martha.

kate said...

mckinley says hi, we've missed seeing your updates!

You should have us to your house for a little potluck lunch in the next few weeks. Do you like how I am inviting myself to your house!? Well,
I haven't seen it yet, so do you blame me? Love ya!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday Easton! And I'm so glad you posted again!!!