Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My weekly trips to the thrift store have yielded a number of vintage treasures over the past few weeks.
This car has probably been the best thrift store find yet. Easton loves driving in his car and pushing it around as well. It has a long pole in back to make pushing him easy. At the park yesterday a little girl came and got in his car while he was on the playground. Needless to say he was not happy about that and threw a huge fit with screaming and kicking of the feet. He tried to get down from the slide as quickly as he could to rescue his car. After some discussion I managed to convince him the little girl could drive and he could push her around which seemed to work just fine.


Kristin said...

Cars and kids man. Ella is crazy over hers too, and heaven help the poor soul who tries to drive away with HER car.

Melissa said...

Wow nice find. I must time my thrift store WAY WRONG!!

Anonymous said...

My regards to Easton's hairdresser, his haircut looks sharp, like a gunshot in a crowded mall.
Of course I also love the thrifty home decor.

Clark Captions said...

How fun! I always love a good treasure.....I hope all of the decorating goes well...fun times!